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Legislation page

Does duty of care apply to you?
If you have a business that produces sanitary waste, then Duty of care does apply to you. This means, sanitary waste produced within your business, is regulated by law.

Duty of Care.


What you must do! You must ensure that: -


  • • You dispose of all sanitary waste responsibly
  • • Your sanitary waste must only be handled by people authorised to do so

  • • You must keep records of all sanitary waste you transfer for at least a 2 year period

Who may deal with your sanitary waste?


People or persons removing your sanitary waste must have either: -

  • • A waste management licence
  • • Or is registered as a carrier of controlled waste

Records for transferring sanitary waste
Waste Transfer Notes

What is a waste transfer note?

This is a document which must accompany any transfers of sanitary waste between different holders. The waste transfer note allows anybody handling your sanitary waste to know what they are dealing with and how to manage it safely.


At Total Hygiene Solutions Ltd all our customers are issued with a waste transfer notice, which covers you for repetitive transfers over a 12-month period.